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Friday, September 14, 2007

Assemblies of God launches national public school evangelism effort

Isn't there some kind of law that is supposed to prevent this kind of shit. If not, there certainly fucking should be.

From One News Now.
Thousands of teenagers have pledged to take part in a campus evangelism initiative that has been launched by the Assemblies of God. The initiative seeks to equip and encourage teens to become missionaries on their secondary public school campuses.

The initiative is known as "Dreaming 2015" and was unveiled at the recent meeting of the Pentecostal denomination held in Indianapolis. Jay Mooney, national youth director for the Assemblies of God, says the initiative results from a vision to reach one-million American teenagers and get them involved in a local church and a lifestyle of holiness and righteous living by the year 2015.

"We launched an event that we called 'Indy 07 - Experience the Dream' -- and basically what we were asking kids to do was to ask God [if he was] speaking to their hearts about them going deeper in him and wider in purpose," Mooney shares. "And God spoke to a generation and we saw 7,000 kids say 'I want to give one year of my life this next year to become a missionary to my secondary school campus.'"

Mooney emphasized that the initiative seeks to encompass and include all evangelical denominations in an effort to reach young people for Christ -- and it goes far beyond building youth group numbers, he shares.

"We don't want to see students being understood and identified [just] as 'I go to church.' We want them to be understood and identified as 'I'm a lifelong follower of Jesus Christ -- and this is my purpose in life,'" says the national youth director. "And you know, the only way that can be is that they have to be people who know who Jesus is."

This is the reason I support allowing children to bring tasers to school.
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