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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Atheist Blogroll

As you'll notice, on the left side of my page, I've been added to the Atheist Blogroll. Big ups to Deep Thoughts for adding me.

I've been unable to work with the code, so I have to add all the blogs individually to the marquee, and it's taking a long fucking time. While you're waiting, take a minute to go through the list, and support the MASSIVE amount of other atheist blogs out there on the web. I'll be back with news updates when I finish the list.

*UPDATE*: I finished the blogroll, finally. If you'd like your site to be added, just send me an email with something relevant in the subject line.
posted by Nick at 10:13 PM


Hello nick - nice to see another inthe long line of the atheists blog roll. I like the design of your site by the way. Drop by and visit me sometime if you get a chance.

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