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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It Had To Be Florida

I've always wanted to live in South Beach. I could do without the hurricanes, but the sun, ocean, and steady supply of cocaine always appealed to me. Despite all this, Florida is also home to some of the most ignorant xians in the entire country... along with Louisiana, Missisipi, Alabama, Iowa, Kentucky... fuck it, they all suck... Anyway, here's a couple letters to the editor of a Ocala, Florida newspaper that are pissing me off today, courtesy of Friendly Atheist and
…There is no excuse for anyone to not know of the coming calamities. Violence, lawlessness, drought, famine and earthquakes in many places. God’s Word has warned everyone, but as in the days of Noah, many will ignore and suffer the consequences. You would have to be dumb, blind, stupid or in denial not to know that there is a powerful, demonic movement in this world today whose purpose is to steal, kill, rob, destroy and separate everyone who thinks differently.

Only Jesus, the Prince of Peace can defeat it. For Christians, “Look up, your redemption is nearer than when you first believed.” Bless God and the brotherhood of believers.

Ken Sizemore

Really, I can't complain too much about this one, seeing as how I've spent the last week encouraging everyone I know to rid themselves of lucky rabbit's feet, since the "revolution is upon us". But this next one is so much worse.
The most educated atheist throughout the world cannot inform us when atheism originated. They have their main perpetuators but cannot identify their founder. The absence of the founder and origin suggest atheism is not a man-made doctrine. The originator is Satan, the very one the atheists deceptively deny exists.

Atheists have been very successful in setting their set of ethics and morals (or lack of them) on others, by legal enforcement. Atheism says down with God, up with man. Regardless of what atheists claim, the decline of Christian morals and the increase of crime and murder are because of the humanistic and atheistic influence in our nation.

We all have knowledge of the existence of God, but most, including atheists, choose to ignore it. Without God there is no accountability and everything is permissible. Today’s society chose to live the standards set by the atheistic and humanistic agenda.

Edward de Bie

When did atheism originate?

Atheism in the Western world “has its roots in pre-Socratic Greek philosophy, but did not emerge as a distinct world-view until the late Enlightenment.”

Wikipedia, jackass...

The originator is Satan? How fucking reclusive are you that the only opinion you can form is the same one your pastor spews from a pulpit every Sunday. By the way, no atheist sets their beliefs on others, and no atheist would ever want to. That's just you walking into a Borders, seeing a Richard Dawkins book, and crying out that they're attacking your faith.

I can't even remeber how many times I've had to explain how morals aren't a christian tradition, so to make this quick, even in a secular society, there are still laws that have to be abided by. These laws are decided on by the people, not by fucking jesus. More to the point, only two of the 'ten commandments' are actually enforced by our government, and those values were in place in societies long before xians took them as their own, you ignorant fuck! I'll end it there, because this is giving me a headache...
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