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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Putting A Smile On My (An Hopefully Your) Face

So, I just got back from watching the Astros being shutout 9-1 by the Milwaukee Brewers, to find this story over at Friendly Atheist.

Director Matthias Von Fistenberg’s Passio is a gay porno. With Jesus.

Matthias Von Fistenberg’s Passio will surely make a few Fox News anchors explode - and not in a good way. In fact, it is safe to say that even those non-acolytes of the “fair and balanced” network will be disturbed by von Fistenberg’s Jesus. This savior could care less about clothing the naked or feeding the hungry, unless the meal’s cock.

You got to give it up for Oscar Wilde like wordplay like that. (Props to me for throwing in a 'Clerks II' reference)

“My Jesus is gay, stunningly beautiful and sexy. He gets aroused like all of us,” explains Von Fistenberg, who describes himself as a Catholic. The director also admits his Jesus story can’t be found in hotel room Bible. “The movie is a gospel, passio, version of the Jesus story according to

If people are shocked and appalled by Von Fistenberg’s re-telling of the Gospels, he gently reminds us that theocratic rules aren’t our lot. “Luckily we don’t live anymore in times when the Church controls the media and courts,” Von Fistenberg says. “Under the protection of our freedom of speech law, all biblical topics are open to any interpretation. Now, maybe the Pope will excommunicate me or Fox News will have a field day, but they wont be able to take away this important step towards exercising fully the right to free speech and artistic freedom.”

I laughed so fucking hard when I read this, I spit the Sprite out of my mouth all over my monitor. I can't wait for a conservative site to pick this up...
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