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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Anti-Atheist Commercial

Thanks to Resist Blog, and The Non-Prophets for the story.
A Christian group is spending money to get this commercial on the air. It's on Youtube right now, and they aim to spread it around. They want to "end atheism."

Watch the video, and imagine if they were talking about Jews, or Blacks, or women...

I guess as long as evil atheists like me are allowed to live freely in this "Christian" country, we're a danger to all the good little Christians. Maybe they better starting rounding up me and all my atheist friends. I'm sure they can set up some nice re-education camps quickly. There's always ovens. Surely we must be stopped. Removed. Eradicated.

Watch the video and wonder what their final solution to the atheist "problem" might be.

[And for a debunking of the "facts" they present, check out this link.]

I'm not even going to begin with the number of things wrong with this ad; for that, check out the link in the story. What I really want to know is who the fuck has enough free time and money to actually put this shit together?
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Thanks for finding this video and posting it. I was listening to the old non-prophets shows and wanted to see the commercial they talked about.

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