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Thursday, July 19, 2007

If I Believed In God, I Would Curse His Name Right Now...

I love to discuss movie news, but this is more one of those 'what the fuck were they thinking' moments. In a truely stupid move, Ace Ventura 3 is set to begin filming in September.

Because SON OF MASK and DUMB AND DUMBERER taught us nothing about making bad spinoffs of Jim Carrey movies, we bring to you today news of ACE VENTURA 3 that will follow the son of Ace. Yes, SON OF ACE VENTURA. It's an idea so horrendous the creators must've been wearing at least 20 pairs of Bad Idea Jeans. If just the idea of a SON OF ACE VENTURA movie isn't enough to give you douche chills, know that it stars Josh Flitter, that f*cking annoying kid from LICENSE TO WED and NANCY DREW. When someone can say about you that you were the worst thing about LICENSE TO WED, a movie that features more hammy Robin Williams schtick than an all-night marathon of PATCH ADAMS, you know you're in trouble. And we're all in trouble when ACE VENTURA 3 hits theaters. Filming is set to begin this September in Orlando.

Fuck, I'm depressed... at least I was until I heard the original song, 'Chocolate Rain' from Tay Zonday. Check out this new viral video...

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