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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Smurfs DVD!

More news from TvShowsOnDVD.
Warner Bros. will release The Smurfs Season 1/Volume 1, including the first 19 episodes of the series on December 4th.

I was never a big fan of the cartoon series, but its still worth noting for the cover art alone. First of all, Smurfette got that real slutty look going, with Papa Smurf having that 'just got some pussy' face. If you subscribe to the Richard Kelly mythology, and think the Smurfs are all asexual, fuck you. Even Smurfs need to get laid every now and again. And who better than the ONLY FUCKING FEMALE SMURF. Well, she's tchnically not the only female Smurf, cause you also got Sussette Smurfling, but if that's you're preference, maybe Chris Hanson needs to pay you a visit. You also got Clumsy Smurf lounging with his comatose drugged-out self and Brainy Smurf narcing like a bitch.

If you're into the Smurfs, pick up the DVD. If not, just sit back and ponder the stupid-ass fucking names they all got. See you tomorrow.
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