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Monday, August 20, 2007


From NY Daily News.
If you've tuned into MTV's video countdown show "Total Request Live" over the past few weeks to groove along to Sean Kingston's summer hit "Beautiful Girls," you might have noticed that the chorus is missing the word "suicidal."

While it's not unusual for the cable network to censor the songs they broadcast for explicit language, many have been left scratching their heads at the decision to bleep a non-four-letter word, especially because most radio stations across the country leave the lyrics untouched.

"Beautiful Girls," which has maintained the No.1 position on the Billboard singles chart for the past three weeks, includes the lyric:

You're way too beautiful girl

That's why it'll never work

You'll have me suicidal, suicidal

When you say it's over.

But you'll never hear the S-word on MTV.

"Because we know [suicide] is an issue that so many members of our audience struggle with, we do not take any references to suicide lightly," a spokeswoman for MTV told the Daily News.

"With regards to Sean Kingston's 'Beautiful Girls,' we knew that the label had a version substituting 'suicidal' with 'in denial' so we gave them the option of submitting the version with 'in denial' or audio dropping 'suicidal.' The label chose to audio drop 'suicidal.'"

Okay, I don't watch TRL, so I don't know if its the VJs or the music, but what the fuck is up with their demographic being made up of suicide risks? And how do you even come by that information? Are their really people listing TRL as one of the reasons they offed themselves in suicide notes?

Props go out to Kingston for not substituting the lyrics, though. Fuck MTV and their fragile sensibilities. To show my support, here's the unedited video. Enjoy.

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