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Monday, October 29, 2007

Updates Coming Soon

Sorry I haven't been able to update the blog lately, but I've had... well, I haven't had a whole lot going on, I just got distracted by some shit. First, it was running around town with some friends, getting into some crazy shit I'm not going to detail here for fear of legal recourse, (nothing too bad, trust me) and then it was some long hours at work combined with the shit-load of DVD's I bought on Thursday. Heroes Season 1, American Gangster Season 1 (great BET series, check it out if you have a chance), The Office Season 3, The Sarah Silverman Program Season 1, Jericho Season 1, and The Stanley Kubrick Collection (though I could do without Eyes Wide Shut). Needless to say, I still haven't gotten through all of them, but I'm sacrificing a lot of sleep to accomplish that goal.

Other than that, the only thing I have to add is a visit from one of the local church 'community outreach' program things. (I don't know what they call themselves) Apparently, they're somewhat offended that I don't attend their church, and they wanted to know which church I did attend, most likely to determine whether or not I would jump ship and join them. I can understand the idea of community loyalty seeing as how my house is less than 100 yards away from the church in question, but it's still annoying as hell to wake up only a few hours after getting home form graveyard shift to tell a bunch of morons in matching 'I Love Jesus' jumpsuits to 'fuck off'. I was a little nicer than that, though it wouldn't have made much difference as I answered the door shirtless, sporting my (as I've been informed by friendly church-goers before) somewhat menacing tattoos. Still, after a brief conversation about how I did not attend any church, and had no plans to anytime in the near future, I managed to have my address removed from whatever list they used to terrorize locals.

It should be noted that I really have nothing against these people. They seemed nice enough, and had no idea I was so exhausted. The only reason I harbor so much resentment against them was their overbearing nature, and incessant pushing for a long dialogue about my lack of faith. I understand the teachings of the church direct christians to seek out non-believers and try to convert them, but it's just childish to believe merely discussing jesus and the bible will convert someone. Conversion from one faith to another, or to none at all requires a desire for change in the individual that can't be brought upon by a random verse from some book.

One more thing proselytizing christians need to understand; most atheists and agnostics (not all mind you) at one time or another belonged to some form of organized religion. I know a common misconception is that they don't understand god, or were never really true christians (can be substituted for any faith), but we did. We held our beliefs in as high a regard as you currently do... we just outgrew them.

Well, that's enough for tonight, and I better get back to my TV... Jessica just made the deal with Linderman to get her and Nikki out of prison. Why did they have to kill of D.L.

(Watch Heroes!)
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