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Friday, November 16, 2007

Quality, Not Quantity

So, it seems that once again, I've been caught up with the various goings on here at my house, and haven't been able to update the blog. I do promise to start updating regularly soon, but until then, I wanted to leave you with some comedy.

For the benefit of those of you that don't scour shitty B-movies as much as I do, I wanted to entice you with what is by a wide margin, one of my favorites. It's called Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter, and let me attempt to explain the plot. Basiclly, Ottawa is over-run by vampires who are killing all the lesbians and harvesting their skin to graft over their own so they can walk around during the day. Local clergy, having no other option, reach out to Jesus for his help. What follows in 90 minutes of Jesus Christ, with the help of his sexy female companion, Mary Magnum, and a Mexican wrestler, Santos, fighting their way to the head vampire to save the lesbians.

If that isn't enough for you to walk away from your computer right now, and seek out this DVD, there's something wrong with you. Anyway, to point out the greatness of theis film, I present you with the "theme song" of the movie, 'Everybody Gets Laid Tonight' by The Hammerheads. (Note* The guy making the speech at the start of this video is Jesus.)

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